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Unit II 2-Marks Important Questions of Data Structure

 Unit II Important Questions for Data Structure
2-Marks Important Question

Q1: What are the
applications of stack ?

Q2: Mention the
limitations of stack using array ?
Q3: What are the
notations used in evaluation of arithmetic
using prefix and postfix forms ?

Q4: If tower of
hanoi is operated on n = 10 disks, calcualte the
total number of moves.
          Calculate total number of moves for
Tower of Hanoi for n =
  10 disks?
Q5: Give the
infix, postfix and prefix notation of (A + B) + C?
Q6: How do you
push elements in a linked stacks ?
Differentiate between iteration and recursion?
Q8: Discuss the
steps for converting an infix expression to postfix
Q9: Write some
applications of Queue?
Q10: Translate
infix expression into its equivalent postfix
: A*(BD+)E-F*(G+HK/)?

Q11: Convert the
following arithmetic infix expression into its
postfix expression postfix expression

                   Expression: (A-B/C+D*E+F)
Q12: Write the
difference between stack and queue.
Q13: What are
the advantages of queue over stacks ?
Q14: Write down
the limitations of circular queue.
Q15: What is the
significance of priority queue ?
Q16: Name the
type of recursion?
Q17: Write the
syntax to check whether a queue is empty or full .
          Explain circular queue. What is te
condition if circular queue
is full ?
Q18: What is
recursion ? Give some disadvantages of recursion?
Q19: What is
Tail recursion ?

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