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Unit 2 Web Page designing | Long answer Question with answer | Web Technology | AKTU Previous Year

 Unit 2 Web Page designing | Long answer Question with answer | Web Technology | AKTU Previous Year

Q1 Explain the HTML tags:
Table Frame and forms with the help of suitable example?

Q2 What is CSS? What are different ways of creating style sheet?

Q3 What is XML? Discuss the significance of XML? How XML is different form
HTML? Explain the process of XML parsing? How are they useful?

Q4 What is DTD? What are the differences between external and internal
DTD? Use suitable example?


What is DTD? Also explain its difference with xml schema?

Q 5 Design a HTML form for a Railway reservation system?

Q 6 Explain the anchor and table tab in HTML?

Q 7 What are forms and how they are created in HTML?

Q 8 Explain difference between ID and Class selector in CSS?

Q 9 Explain well-formed and Valid XML?

Q10 Create a form in HTML taking account number form user as input then
write a servlet program receiving form data and connect it with Database by
using JDBC. Then send the current account balance of user stored in specific
database to user as response? Also mention all the assumed required data like
table name database name and field name?

Q11 Create an HTML named as Table html to display your class time table

the title as Time table

various color option to the cell

Q12 Explain the HTTP protocol? Mention three basic feature of HTTP that
make HTTP a simple but powerful protocol.

Q13 What do you mean by CSS? Write a CSS rule that makes all the text
2.5 times larger than base font of the system? Mention how can you integrate
CSS on a web page?

Q14 What are XML parsers? Explain the types of parsers with their
advantage and disadvantage?

Q15 Describe the role and importance of CSS in web designing? Also
Differentiate Class and Id in CSS?

Q16 Document Type Definition (DTD) in XML is necessary? Justify the statement
with suitable example? Under which condition which DTD is more preferable?

Q17 Using a frame set create an HTML document like following





Also host it as a web page on any server?

Q18 Define box model in CSS with block diagram?

Q19 Discuss XML? Which technology is used to define the structure of XML
document? Explain and demonstrate?

Q20 Discuss DTD? How DTD is different form XSD? Demonstrate to create a
XML document of 10 student of third year? Add their roll number marks obtained in
5 subject, total marks and percentage and validate using DTD?


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