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Unit 1Introduction to Web Technology | Long answer Question with answer | Web Technology | AKTU Previous Year

 Introduction to Web Technology | Long answer Question with answer | Web Technology | AKTU Previous Year

Q1 What is
internet? Discuss the various internet services in brief?

Q2 what do
you mean by web project? Describe the various protocol governing web projects?

Q3 What is
the difference between JDK, JRE, JIT and JVM?

Q4 What is
an exception? How the exception is handled in java? Differentiate between throw
and throws?


What is
Exception and how they handled in java? Explain the keyword try, catch, throw,
throws and finally with an example?


What is Exception
and how they are handled? Explain with an example? How we define a try and
catch Block? Is it essential to catch all types of exception?

Q5 What is
an applet? How do applets differ from application programs? Discuss the life
cycle of applet?

Q6 What is
Thread? How to create a thread in java?

Q7 What do
you mean by AWT? Explain the working of AWT?

Q8 Elucidate
the feature of java?

Q9 What are
package in java? How a user define package is created in java explain with

Q10 what do
you mean by checked and unchecked exception?

Q11 what
are the use of layout manager? Give the name of classes that represent the
layout manager? Explain any five-layout manager?

Q12 Explain
the difference between Portal and website?

Q13 Package
and Interface both acts as container, How?  

Describe the objective of any website? Which type of essential skills required
being a member of web project team?

Q 15 Define
path in JDK? How path is different from Class path?

Q 16
Compare object-oriented programming and object-based programming with example? List
the feature of object-oriented programming?

 Q 17 Define webpage with its type? Discuss
responsive webpage with example?

Q 18
Describe garbage collector and demonstrate how it is functioning?

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