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Unit 1 Long Answer Question of PPS | Most Important Question of PPS with Answer

Unit 1 
Long Answer Question of PPS 

 Q1 Explain the function units of digital system and their interconnection?


Discuss various functional component of digital computer?


What is Digital computer? Draw block diagram of digital computer and explain each components of it?


Q2 What are the component of computer system?


Describe about the basic component of a computer with a neat block diagram?

Q3 Draw the memory hierarchical structure of a computer system? Explain each memory unit in brief?

Q4 what are the objective and major function of an operating system?


Describe the functionalities of an Operating system?


What is Operating system? Explain various types of functions perform by an operating system?

Q5 Explain the concept of assembler and cross assembler?

Q6 Describe compiler, interpreter, assembler? Write the name of compiler that are used in C programming?

Q7 Describe about linker and Loader?


Explain loading and linking of program in detail? 

Q8 Discuss the various functionalities of compiler, linker and loader?

Q9 Differentiate between linker and loader?

Q10 What do you mean by algorithm ? Explain the properties of algorithm?


Describe algorithm? What are the notation used to write an algorithm?

Q11 What are the characteristics of an algorithm? Write an algorithm to find the sum of all number divisible by 3 between 11 and 50?

Q12 What is flowchart? Discuss advantage and disadvantages of flowchart? Draw the flow chat to find the factorial of given number?

Q13 What is an algorithm? Give the characteristics of an algorithm? Write an algorithm for printing table of a given positive integer also draw the flow chart for the same?

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