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2 marks Question of PPS | most important question of Unit 4

Unit 4 

2 marks Question of PPS  | most important Question 

Q1 Write an algorithm to find second largest element in an array?

Q2 Differentiate linear and binary search?

Q3 Explain the significance of null character in string?

Q4 Differentiate between structure and union?

Q5 What is the need of function?

Q6 What is string?

Q7 Explain in brief the purpose of the stremp function?

Q8 Define sorting algorithm with example?

Q9 Distinguish between actual arguments and formal arguments with 
help of example?

Q10 Define function declaration?

Q11 Write the use of putchar() and getchar()?

Q12 what is recursion?

Q13 Explain the difference between function declaration and definition of a function?

Q14 Explain call by value with suitable example?

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