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2 Marks Question of Operating System | Most important Question of Unit 1

Unit 1

2 Marks Question of Operating System | Most important Question  

Q.1. What is an operating system? Define the components of an operating system.

Q.2. Define the services provided by Operating System.

Q.3. Write down the difference between Multiprogramming and Multiprocessing OS.

Q.4. What is spooling?

Q.5.What are advantages and disadvantages of batch system?

Q.6. What do you mean by multitasking?

Q.7. Define kernel and names of type of kernel.

Q.8. Define Operating System. List the objectives of an operating system.

Q.9. Explain Context Switching.

Q.10. Define multiprogramming system.

Q.11. Define operating system explain in short.

Q.12.Write a short note on multipurpose scheduling.

Q.13.Describe the differences between symmetric and asymmetric multiprocessing.

Q.14.What are the differences between shell & kernel?

Q.15.Explain layered structure of an Operating System. Also explain advantages and disadvantages of the layered approach to system design.

Q.16. What is Real Time Operating System? What is the difference between Hard real time and Soft real time operating system?

Q.17. Define the Services provided by the Operating System.

Q.18.What is the difference between Multiprogramming, Multitasking and Multiuser Operating System?

Q.19.Define Monolithic Kernal and Micro kernal.

Q.20. (a) Explain the following terms clearly:

(i) Process

(ii) Busy Waiting

(iii) Multiprogramming

(iv) Multithreading.

(b) Differentiate between the following:

(i). Shell and Kernel

(ii). Monolithic kernel and Microkernel

Q.21.Discuss the objectives of the Multiprocessor systems.

Q.22.Describe the steps involved in booting.

Q.23. Discuss the evolution of operating system.

Q.24.What are the desirable and essential characteristics of Operating System.

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