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2 Marks Important Questions of Data Structure from Unit 4

 Unit 4 Important Questiions
2-Marks Important Questions

Q1: What are the
applications of graph ?

Q2: Write down
the applications of  DFS.

Q3: Write down
the applications of BFS.

Q4: Define
connected and strongly connected graph.

Q5: What are the
advantages of DFS over BFS?

Q6: How the
graph can be represnted in memory ? Explain with      suitable example.


          List the different types of
representation of graphs.

Q7: Discuss the
disadvantages of Dijkstra’s algorithm.

Q8: How many ways
are there to implement Kruskal’s algorithm ?

Q9: How Prim’s
Algorithm is similar to Dijkstra’s algorithm ?

Q10: Prove that
the number of odd degree vertices in a connected   graph should be even.

Q11: Number of
nodes  in a complete tree is 10000. Find
it’s depth.

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