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Unit 3 CPU Scheduling | Frequently Asked Question with Answer [OPERATING SYSTEM]

Unit 3 CPU Scheduling  
Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Explain the performance criteria of CPU scheduling?
Q2. What is CPU scheduling? Write the difference between preemptive and non preemptive scheduling?
Q3. Write a short note on
  • Process transition diagram
  • Process Control Block (PCB)
  • Process identification information
Q4 Write a short note on
  • FCFS scheduling algorithm
  • SJF scheduling algorithm
  • Round Robin scheduling 
Q5. Write the difference between following
  • Thread and process
  • user level thread and kernel level thread
  • Long term, mid term and short term scheduler 

Q6. Explain Banker algorithm for avoidance of deadlock?

Q7. Explain the following
  • Deadlock prevention
  • Deadlock avoidance
  • Deadlock detection 

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