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Unit 1 Introduction to Operating System | Long Answer Question with Answer

Unit 1 Introduction to Operating System

Long Answer Question 

Q1. What is Operating System? Write the major functions of operating system?

Answer: Click Here

Q2. What is kernel? Describe various operation performed by kernel?

  AKTU 2016-17 

Q3.What is the Classification of operating system?


      Write down the different type of operating system?  AKTU 2016-17 

Answer: Click Here

Q4. Explain the service provided by operating system? 
 AKTU 2016-17 
Q5. Describe the difference between symmetric and asymmetric multi-processing?
AKTU 2014-15 

Q6. What are the difference between shell and kernel? AKTU 2014-15 

Q7. What is operating system? Discuss the operating system structure?
      Explain layered structure of operating system? also explain the advantage and disadvantage of the layered approach to system design?
  AKTU 2014-15 
Q8. What is an operating System? Define the components of operating System?
Discuss various operating system component?
 AKTU 2014-15, AKTU 2013-14  
Q9. Define the services provided by the operating system
 AKTU 2013-14 

Q10. Explain the following terms clearly
  • Multi Programming
  • Multi threading
  • Multi programming
 AKTU 2011-12, AKTU 2013-14 

Q11. What do you understand by system call? Enumerate five system calls used in process management?
   AKTU 2013-14 

Q12.What is real time operation system? What is the difference between hard real time and soft real time operating system?    AKTU 2013-14 


Q13. Discuss essential properties of time sharing operating system, real time operating system and distributed operating system?                                                                                                         AKTU 2012-13 
Q14. What is Spooling? What are the advantage of spooling over buffering?

Q15. Difference between batch processing system and multi programming system with example?

Q16. Differentiate between the following
  • shell and kernel
  • Monolithic Kernel and Micro Kernel
  AKTU 2012-13 

Q17 What do you understand by system call? List and explain three system calls used for process management ?
                                                                                   AKTU 2012-13 
Q18 What do you understand by system call? How system call made? How is system call made? How is system call handled by the system? Choose suitable example for explanation?                     AKTU 2011-12 

Q19. What is the reason behind dual mode operation of processor? 
Whether it is possible to construct a secure operating system without dual mode of operation in the system? give the argument in favor of yours answer?    AKTU 2011-12, AKTU 2012-13 

Q20 Differentiate between process switch and mode switch?
                                                                                AKTU 2012-13 

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