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Q1. Consider a system P1, P2, P3 the peak demand of each process for the resource R is 12, 10,16, Respectively then What is the minimum number of required to ensure dead lock free operation?

Q2. Consider the system where 34 binary bit is used to refer the word in the memory and each word size is 54 bit, what is the capacity of memory?

Q3 A main memory unit with the capacity 4MB is build using 1M X 1bit DRAM each DRAM has 1K rows of cells with 1K cells in each row the time taken for single reference operation is 100ns. the time required to perform one reference on all the cells in the memory units is _____________________?

Q4 let LAS = S Bytes and Page Size = P Byte the memory is Byte addressable What is the optimal value of page size that minimizing the memory overhead Consider memory overhead as internal fragmentation in paging and page table size ?

Note: Internal Fragmentation is at last page and Average internal Fragmentation is P/2 ?

Q5: Consider a system with LA 32 bits and PAS 64MB the page Size 4KB, the message bit addressable, The Page table entry size 16 Byte What is approximate Page Table Size?

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