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OPERATING SYSTEM 999+ MCQ (Multi Choice Question) BASED Most Important QUESTION WITH ANSWER | Operating System MCQs with Answer Part3


(Multi Choice Question)

Operating System MCQs with Answer 

This Blog cover all possible Multi Choice Question from topic operating system, type of operating system, process, synchronization , dead lock, memory management 

Total amount of question covers in  This MCQ series is 100. They cover all the important aspect related to that topic provided below. 

If you want the Hard copy of MCQ then u can comment in the comment session. The Question is prepared after putting lot of effort so instead of copy it please share the Link so that we can able to take Benefit of our effort. 

there are just like AKTU MCQ model paper 2021

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Q1 A situation where a process or set of processes is blocked waiting for some resource that is held by some other processes:

a) Mutual Exclusion

b) Semaphore

c) Deadlock

d) None of the above

Sol. c) Deadlock

Explanation: it a deadlock because process is waiting for situation which not going to be happen in future. in this process waiting for some resource  that is held by other process

Q A resource Type, R is represented by three dots it has

a) 1 instances

b) 4 instances

c) 3 instances

d) 6 instances

Sol. c) 3 instances

Q Acyclic RAG implies

a) No Dead Lock

b) Dead Lock

c) Starvation

d) None of the above

Sol. a) No Dead Lock

Q A safe state is 

a) Deadlock state 

b) Non deadlock state

c) Polling State

d) Non of the Above

Sol. b) Non deadlock state

Explanation: Safe State is the state where we have a safe sequence in which if execute the process in this manner there is no dead lock.  

Q A new process can be started only if 

a) Ri < C(n+1) i + Sum(C ki) where K= 1 to n for all i

b) Ri = C(n+1) i + Sum(C ki) where K= 1 to n for all i

c) Ri > C(n+1) i + Sum(C ki) where K= 1 to n for all i

d) None of the above

Sol. c) Ri > C(n+1) i + Sum(C ki) where K= 1 to n for all i

Explanation: In this C i j indicate Request of process i for resource j

Q RAG stands for 

a) Resource and graph

b) Resource Allocation Graph

c) Resource after Graph

d) None of the above

Sol. b) Resource Allocation Graph

Q A claim edge is represented usually by a 

a) Solid Line

b) Thin Line

c) Dashed Line

d) None of the above

Sol. c) Dashed Line

Q for multiple instance of a resource which algorithm is used

a) Divide and Conquer

b) Banker Algorithm

c) Sorting Algorithm

d) None of the above

Sol.  b) Banker Algorithm

Q The Need Matrix is given by following formula
a) Need = Max – Allocated
b) Need = Max + Allocated
c) Need = Max * Allocated
d) None of the above
Sol. a) Need = Max – Allocated
Q what is the complexity of The Safety Algorithm 
a) O(mn)
b) O(mn^2)
c) O (m+n)
d) None of the above
Sol. b) O(mn^2)

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