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M1-R4: IT Tools & BUSINESS SYSTEMS (JAN 2021) with Solution

Level Paper)


03 Hrs                                                                                Marks: 100


question below gives a multiple choice of answers. Choose the most appropriate
one and enter in the “OMR” answer sheet supplied with the question paper,
following instructions therein.    (1×10)

Number in base 16 are called

Octal System

Hexadecimal System

Decimal System

Binary System


Hexa Decimal System

number system has base10 because it consists of 10 digits like from 0-9

number system has base 2 because it consists of 2 digits like from 0 and 1

decimal number system has base 8 because it consists of 8 digits like from 0-7

decimal number system has base 16 because it consists of 16 digits like from
0-9, A, B, C, D, E, F

1.2 The formula in cell A2 is = B2 + C3 on copying this formula in cell C2 the
formula will be

= D3+ E4

= D2 + E3

= D2 + E4

= D3 + E3

D2 + E3

Which of the following file extensions indicate file created in Paint?





Solution: The file extension that indicates a file
created in Paint is A) BMP, which stands for Bitmap Image file. Paint is a
simple graphics painting program that is included with Microsoft Windows. When
you save an image created in Paint, it is typically saved as a BMP file. 

file extensions B) DOC and D) PPT are associated with Microsoft Office
applications Word and PowerPoint, respectively. The extension C) STK is not a
commonly used file extension and could be associated with a variety of

Which of the following is an input device?





Solution: C) Keyboard

The cost of storing a bit is minimum in:




Magnetic disc

Solution: The cost of storing a bit is minimum in C)

are the smallest and fastest form of memory in a computer system, built
directly into the CPU. They have the lowest storage capacity among the given
options, typically storing only a few bytes of data at a time. However, due to
their proximity to the CPU, they can be accessed much faster than other forms
of memory, such as cache, RAM, or magnetic discs.

and RAM are larger and slower forms of memory that are used to temporarily
store data that the CPU needs to access frequently. Magnetic discs are the
slowest and cheapest form of memory among the given options, typically used for
long-term storage of data.

___________ is known as high level language.

Window 7

Operating System



 Java is a high level language.

high-level language is a programming language that is designed to be easier for
humans to read and write than low-level languages like assembly or machine
code. High-level languages are closer to natural language and provide more
abstraction, making it easier for programmers to write complex programs quickly
and efficiently.

is a high-level programming language that is widely used for developing web,
mobile, and enterprise applications. It is known for its platform independence,
which means that Java programs can run on any system that has a Java Virtual
Machine (JVM) installed, regardless of the underlying hardware or operating

7 and Apple are operating systems, while operating systems are written in
low-level languages like C or assembly, they are not considered high-level
languages themselves.

ROUND(1363.45,-2) returns:





Solution: ROUND(1363.45,-2) returns 1300.

the ROUND function, the second argument specifies the number of digits to which
you want to round the first argument. When the second argument is negative, it
means to round to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, and so on.

this case, rounding 1363.45 to the nearest 100 gives 1300. So, the correct
answer is D) 1300.

Which of the following is a tool to send letter to many recipirnts in MS-Word


Mail merge

Goal seeking


Solution: B) Mail merge is a tool to send letters to many
recipients in MS-Word.

merge is a feature in Microsoft Word that allows you to create personalized
letters, envelopes, labels, and other types of documents for multiple
recipients. It is commonly used for sending form letters, invoices, or other
documents to a large number of recipients with varying personal information.

“What-if” tool is used for analyzing how changes in certain variables
can affect the outcome of a formula or calculation in Excel. “Goal
seeking” is a tool used to determine the input value needed to achieve a
desired output value in Excel. “Sorting” is a feature in Microsoft
Word that allows you to arrange data in alphabetical or numerical order.

Airline reservation system is a typical example of 

Batch processing

Online processing

Real time processing

None of the above

Solution: B) Online processing is a typical example of
an airline reservation system.

processing, also known as real-time processing, is a type of computer
processing in which data is entered and processed immediately as it is
received, allowing for immediate responses to user requests. Airline
reservation systems are a good example of online processing because they allow
users to search for flights, view availability and pricing information, and
make reservations in real-time.

processing is a type of processing in which data is collected and processed in
batches at a later time. This type of processing is often used for tasks that
can be performed offline, such as payroll processing or end-of-day reports.

processing is another term for online processing, in which data is processed
immediately as it is received.

the correct answer is B) Online processing.

To create a copy of files in the event of system failure, you create a

restore file




Solution: C) Backup is created to create a copy of files in
the event of a system failure.

backup is a copy of data that is created and stored in a secondary location to
be used in the event that the original data is lost, damaged, or destroyed.
Backups are typically used to restore data after a system failure or other
disaster, and can be created manually or automatically using backup software.

restore file is a file that contains information needed to restore a system to
a previous state or configuration. A firewall is a security system that
controls access to a network or computer system. Redundancy refers to the
duplication of critical components or systems in order to increase reliability
and reduce the risk of failure.

the correct answer is C) Backup.

Each statement below is either TRUE or FALSE, Choose the most appropriate one
and Enter in the OMR answer sheet supplied with question paper, following
instructions therein 

The language that the computer can understand is called Machine Language.

Solution: Yes, that is correct. 

Explanation: Machine language, also known as machine code,
is the lowest-level programming language that a computer can understand. It
consists of binary code, which is a series of 0s and 1s that represent specific
instructions for the computer’s processor. Machine language is the only
language that a computer can execute directly, and all other programming
languages must be translated or compiled into machine code before they can be
run on a computer. However, programming directly in machine language can be
extremely difficult and time-consuming, which is why higher-level programming
languages have been developed to make the process easier for programmers.

The Recycle Bin is a folder that provides a convenient place to store
frequently using documents, graphics and other files.

Solution: Actually, the Recycle Bin is not a folder for
storing frequently used documents, graphics or other files. It is a feature of
the Microsoft Windows operating system that allows you to recover files that
have been deleted from your computer.

you delete a file in Windows, it is not immediately removed from your computer.
Instead, it is moved to the Recycle Bin where it can be restored if needed. The
Recycle Bin acts as a safeguard, allowing you to recover files that you may
have accidentally deleted.

Recycle Bin can be accessed by double-clicking on its icon on the desktop or by
opening the File Explorer and selecting the Recycle Bin from the list of
folders. Once inside the Recycle Bin, you can browse through the deleted files
and choose to restore them to their original location or permanently delete

important to note that the Recycle Bin has a limited storage capacity, so it’s
not a good idea to use it as a long-term storage solution for frequently used
files. It’s better to save frequently used files in a separate folder or
directory on your computer’s hard drive.

Paperless office and Virtual office are same

Solution: No, a paperless office and a virtual office
are not the same thing.

paperless office refers to a workplace where the use of paper is significantly
reduced or eliminated altogether. In a paperless office, documents and
information are stored and processed digitally, using computer systems and
software applications. This can help reduce costs associated with paper-based
processes and storage, as well as improve efficiency, collaboration, and
environmental sustainability.

the other hand, a virtual office is a type of work arrangement where employees
work remotely, often from home or other remote locations, using communication
technologies such as email, video conferencing, and cloud-based collaboration
tools. A virtual office can be thought of as a flexible work environment that
allows employees to work from anywhere, while still being able to communicate
and collaborate with colleagues and clients.

a paperless office can be a component of a virtual office, they are not the
same thing. A virtual office can still use paper-based processes and may not
necessarily be paperless, while a paperless office can be located in a physical
office space or a virtual office environment.

PowerPoint Presentation can be embed with sound, video clips and animations.

Solution: Yes, a PowerPoint presentation can be
embedded with sound, video clips, and animations.

is a powerful software application that allows users to create multimedia
presentations with text, images, audio, and video. With PowerPoint, you can add
audio files, such as music or sound effects, to your presentation slides to
create an engaging audio experience. You can also embed video clips, which can
be used to illustrate a point, demonstrate a process, or add visual interest to
your presentation.

addition to sound and video, PowerPoint also supports various animation effects
that can be applied to objects and text within your presentation. Animations
can help you emphasize certain points and make your presentation more dynamic
and engaging.

adding multimedia elements to your PowerPoint presentation, it’s important to
ensure that they are relevant and support your overall message. Be careful not
to overload your presentation with too many multimedia elements, as this can be
distracting and detract from your main message. With proper use, however,
multimedia elements can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your PowerPoint

A Byte is the smallest unit of storage.

Solution: No, a bit is the smallest unit of storage, not a

bit is a binary digit that can represent a value of either 0 or 1. It is the
basic unit of information used in computing and digital communication. A byte,
on the other hand, is a group of 8 bits that can represent up to 256 different
values. Bytes are commonly used to represent characters, numbers, and other
data types in computer systems.

a byte is larger than a bit, it is still a relatively small unit of storage
compared to other units such as kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, and so on. In
fact, a kilobyte is equivalent to 1024 bytes, a megabyte is equivalent to 1024
kilobytes, and so on.

summary, a bit is the smallest unit of storage, while a byte is a group of 8
bits and is commonly used to represent data in computer systems.

Cache Memory is faster than Main Memory.

Solution: Yes, cache memory is generally faster than main memory.

memory is a type of high-speed memory that is used to store frequently accessed
data or instructions. It is designed to improve the performance of the computer
by reducing the time it takes to access data from the main memory. Cache memory
is built directly into the processor or located very close to it, which allows
it to operate at much higher speeds than the main memory.

contrast, the main memory (also known as RAM) is a type of volatile memory that
stores data and program instructions that the processor is actively using. Main
memory is typically slower than cache memory, but has a much larger capacity.

cache memory is much faster than main memory, it can significantly reduce the
time it takes for the processor to access frequently used data or instructions.
By storing this data in cache memory, the processor can access it much more
quickly than if it had to retrieve it from the slower main memory.

it’s important to note that cache memory is also more expensive and has a smaller
capacity than main memory. Therefore, computer systems typically use a
hierarchy of memory types (cache memory, main memory, and disk storage) to
balance cost and performance.

Floppy Disk is plug and play device

Solution: store and transfer data between computers. However,
it is an outdated technology that has largely been replaced by more modern and
convenient storage options such as USB flash drives, external hard drives, and
cloud storage.

plug and play device, on the other hand, is a hardware device that can be
connected to a computer and used without requiring any additional configuration
or installation of drivers. Plug and play devices are designed to be easily and
quickly recognized by the computer’s operating system, which automatically
installs the necessary drivers and software to enable their use.

some modern storage devices such as USB flash drives are plug and play devices,
floppy disks are not. In order to use a floppy disk on a computer, you need to
have a floppy disk drive installed in the computer and the appropriate drivers
installed. This process is not as simple and straightforward as simply plugging
in a plug and play device.

summary, while floppy disks were a popular form of data storage in the past,
they are not plug and play devices and are now largely obsolete.

Machine Language is machine independent while High level languages are machine

Solution: No, that statement is not correct. In fact,
the opposite is true. Machine language is machine dependent, while high-level
languages are machine independent.

language, also known as machine code, is specific to a particular computer
architecture and is written in binary code, which is the lowest-level language
that a computer can understand. Each computer has its own unique machine
language, which means that programs written in machine language are specific to
a particular type of computer and cannot be executed on other machines without

the other hand, high-level languages, such as Java, Python, C++, and many
others, are designed to be machine-independent. These languages are written in
a way that is easy for humans to understand and write, using syntax and
constructs that are similar to natural language. The programs written in
high-level languages are compiled or interpreted into machine language by
software called compilers or interpreters, which translate the high-level code
into machine language that the computer can understand.

high-level languages are designed to be machine-independent, programs written
in these languages can be executed on different types of machines without
modification, as long as the appropriate compiler or interpreter is available
for the target machine. This makes high-level languages much more portable and
flexible than machine language.

if you entre 345A in a cell it will be treated as number in the electronic
spreadsheet as it starts with digit.

Solution: The statement is not completely correct. When
you enter “345A” in a cell in an electronic spreadsheet, the
spreadsheet software will try to automatically determine the data type of the
value based on its format and context.

the spreadsheet software recognizes “345A” as a number because it
starts with a digit, it will treat it as a number and align it to the right of
the cell. However, if the software recognizes “345A” as a text string
because it contains non-numeric characters, it will align it to the left of the
cell and treat it as text.

some cases, the spreadsheet software may also recognize “345A” as a
date or time value if it matches a specific date or time format.

the treatment of “345A” as a number or text in a cell of an
electronic spreadsheet depends on the software’s automatic data type detection
and the context in which it is used.

 Q3.       Match words and phrases in column X with the closest related meaning/ word(s)/phrase(s) in column Y. Enter your selection in the “OMR” answer sheet supplied with the question paper, following instructions    there  in.         (1×10=10)

set of rules for solving a problem in given number of steps


first screen that appears after the computer is switched on


to translate HLL to Machine Code


is used to create Curriculum Vitae


used in  email address


hidden error in a computer program


the Year 1969, Department of Defence of the United States started a network


in one area of computer programming or to a generalist who writes code for
many kinds of software


number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed










set of rules for solving a problem in given number of steps


first screen that appears after the computer is switched on


to translate HLL to Machine Code


is used to create Curriculum Vitae


used in  email address


hidden error in a computer program


the Year 1969, Department of Defence of the United States started a network


in one area of computer programming or to a generalist who writes code for
many kinds of software


number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed


4.       Each statement below has a blank space to fit one of the words(s) and phrase(s) in the list below.  

Choose the most appropriate options, enter your choice in the “OMR” answer sheet supplied with the question paper, following instructions therein.                                                              (1X10=10)

4.1 ___________ is a short-cut to align all the selected sentences in center of the page.

Solution: In Microsoft Word, the shortcut to align all selected sentences in the center of the page is “Ctrl+E” in Windows or “Command+E” on a Mac.

Here are the steps to center-align text in Word:

Select the text you want to center-align.

Press “Ctrl+E” in Windows or “Command+E” on a Mac, or click the “Center” button in the Paragraph group on the Home tab of the ribbon.

The selected text will now be centered on the page.

4.2 The ______, also called the “brain” of the computer, is responsible for processing data. 

Solution: The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the component of a computer that is often referred to as the “brain” of the computer. The CPU is responsible for performing most of the processing operations in a computer system, including arithmetic operations, logical comparisons, and data movement. The CPU retrieves instructions from memory and executes them, and also manages the flow of data between other components of the computer system. The speed and efficiency of the CPU can have a significant impact on the overall performance of a computer system.

4.3 The 1KB equals __________ bytes.

Solution: 1KB (kilobyte) equals 1024 bytes.

The prefix “kilo” in the term kilobyte refers to the multiplication factor of 1024 (2^10) used in digital systems, rather than the base-10 factor of 1000 used in the metric system. This is because computers use binary, rather than decimal, numbers to represent data, so powers of 2 are used as the basis for data size measurements. Therefore, 1 kilobyte is equal to 1024 bytes, not 1000 bytes.

4.4 _____ is a device that takes optically images, printed text, handwriting or an object and converts it to a digital image.

Solution: A scanner is a device that takes optical images, printed text, handwriting, or an object and converts it to a digital image. Scanners use optical sensors and image processing software to capture an image of the document or object, which is then saved as a digital file on a computer. There are different types of scanners, including flatbed scanners, document scanners, and handheld scanners, each with its own specific features and use cases. Scanners are commonly used for digitizing documents, creating electronic backups of physical records, and for various graphic design and creative projects.

4.5 ________ is an electronic page in a presentation.

Solution: A slide is an electronic page in a presentation. A slide typically contains text, images, graphics, and other visual elements, arranged in a specific layout or design, and is used to convey information or to support a presenter’s message. Slides are commonly used in business presentations, academic lectures, and other settings where information needs to be communicated to an audience in a visual and engaging way. Most presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, provide tools for creating and customizing slides, including adding and formatting text, inserting images and multimedia, and applying various design templates and themes.

4.6 ___________ is known as a primary memory.

Solution: RAM (Random Access Memory) is known as primary memory. RAM is a type of computer memory that is used for temporary storage of data and program instructions that are currently in use by the computer. RAM is considered primary memory because it is directly accessible by the CPU and is used to store data and instructions that are actively being processed by the computer.

When a program is run, its instructions and data are loaded into RAM from secondary storage (such as a hard disk or solid-state drive) so that the CPU can access them quickly. RAM is a volatile type of memory, which means that its contents are lost when the computer is turned off or restarted. The amount and speed of RAM in a computer can have a significant impact on its performance and multitasking capabilities.

4.7 ___________ Unix command is used to change ownership of the file.

Solution: The chown command is used in Unix-based operating systems to change the ownership of a file. “chown” stands for “change owner”.

The syntax for the chown command is as follows:

chown [options] new_owner file

Here, “new_owner” specifies the user or group that you want to set as the new owner of the file, and “file” specifies the name of the file whose ownership you want to change.

For example, to change the ownership of a file named “example.txt” to a user named “alice”, you would use the following command:

chown alice example.txt

You can also use various options with the chown command to set the ownership recursively for all files in a directory, change ownership of a symbolic link, etc. The specific options available may vary depending on the Unix-based operating system you are using.

4.8 ___________ is a gallery of ready-made graphics available in presentation software.

Solution : A clip art is a gallery of ready-made graphics available in presentation software. Clip art includes various images, icons, symbols, and other visual elements that can be easily inserted into a presentation slide to enhance its visual appeal and convey information. Clip art is commonly used in business presentations, educational materials, and other settings where visual aids are needed to support a message or idea. Many presentation software packages, such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, include a built-in clip art library that users can browse and use in their presentations. Clip art can also be found online and downloaded for use in presentations.

4.9 ___________________ function displays row data in a column or column data in a row.


The TRANSPOSE function displays row data in a column or column data in a row in spreadsheet software. The TRANSPOSE function is used to reorient the orientation of a range of cells or an array in a worksheet.

The syntax for the TRANSPOSE function is as follows:


Here, “array” is the range of cells or array that you want to transpose. The result of the TRANSPOSE function is a new array or range of cells with the rows and columns switched.

For example, suppose you have a range of cells A1:B3 containing the following data:


1 1 2

2 3 4

3 5 6

To transpose this range so that the rows become columns and the columns become rows, you would use the following formula in a new range of cells:


The result would be a new range of cells with the following data:


1 1 3 5

2 2 4 6

Here, the rows have become columns, and the columns have become rows.

4.10 __________________ is a device to convert digital signal to analog  and  vise versa

Solution: A modem (short for modulator-demodulator) is a device used to convert digital signals to analog and vice versa. Modems are commonly used to connect computers or other digital devices to the internet over a telephone line or cable TV line.

When sending digital data over an analog medium (such as a telephone line), the data must be converted into an analog signal that can be transmitted over the medium. The modem modulates the digital data into an analog signal that can be transmitted, and then demodulates the incoming analog signal back into digital data that the computer or device can use.

Modems can also be used to connect two computers or devices directly over a serial or Ethernet connection, without the need for an analog medium. In this case, the modem simply acts as a signal converter between the two devices.

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