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Blog making Competition Yuwa 2020 during Lock down

It is to Provide Platform to our young  Blogger so that they can show their Blogging Talent. Do not think like there is no winning amount in Prize. You are Getting opportunity to  show yours Talent that really a great thing. Blog Making Contest is a fair contest to connect with Job Saarnee and to Know our future Plan.   


  • Contribution of AI in Medical
  • 5 Automation testing tools
  • Cloud Gaming 
  • 5 Best SEO tools
  • Black Box VR 
  • How to write SEO friendly post
  • Best technologies to learn in 2020
  • Voice technology
  • Neuromorphic technology
  • Industry specific tools for ML
  • Block chain technology Or Cryptocurrency
  • How to earn money from blog
  • Free antivirus
  • What is the best Niche for blogging
  • What is Event blogging
  • Introduction to Big data
  • Weight loss with keto diet
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Self improvement guides

  • The contest officially begin on Thursday Saturday, 23th May 2020.
  • Only college students (10th, 12th, UG, PG & Ph.D.) between the age group of 16-25 can participate in the contest.
  • Same Blog entry by 2 or more candidate will be disqualified.
  • All submissions are to be made by completing the Google form.
  • All entries to be uploaded on Google form by 11:59 on Sunday, 31th May, 2020.
  • Blog should be in English and will be uploaded in Word format.
  • Word limit of each blog will be between 500 to 1500 words.
  • If you submit the entry twice, your latest entry will be considered.
  • It is MANDATORY to upload your college ID or School Id with the college name, your name and photo clearly visible. Also, update your college faculty’s name and contact details in the form.
  • The Job Saarnee selection committee reserves the right for disqualifying entries based voilation of any Rule rules.
  • All the decisions will be deemed final as decided by the experts Judge of the Job Saarnee. No correspondence or representation shall be entertained against the same.


  • Relevance to topic and Knowledge about Topic
  • Originality and innovation
  • Quality of analysis
  • Utilization of visual aids
  • Understanding and research
  • Structure of blog.


  • Check for your Grammar errors on Grammarly
  • Utilize online free software to ensure that plagiarism does not exist in your entry.
  • Use references for original source and images wherever applicable.
  • Add value to the topics based on your personal thoughts Credit to sources


  • Each participant can participate with any 1 topics. However, refrain from making multiple entries on the same topic.
  • Use visual aids like charts, photos, images, icons, info graphics, etc that are copyright free images.
  • Prepare well for the subject. A final round for top 5 Blog will be Number of View and comments on the blog after published on website Job saarnee.  

NOTE : Do not forget to mention following things 

Blogger Name: Ms./Mr. (Add name)
Email id: (Add your registered email id)
Mobile No: 9xxxxxxxxx (Add your registered Mobile no.)
Topic Name: Add yours selected name
  • No plagiarism will be accepted, and entries will be disqualified if this takes place.
  • Do not use any copy righted images/graphics/icons/charts/etc.
  • If you Submit the content in the Job saarnee, you cannot publish the blog on any other forum.
  • Entries without references for images and original source and its author, will get disqualified.
  • Content should not contain obscene language, photos or links.
  • Intentionally misleading, defamatory, fraudulent and deceptive content will not be tolerated and will lead to disqualification.

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