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2 marks Question of PPS | most important question of Unit 3

 Unit 3
2 marks Question of PPS  | most important question 
Previous year question paper for PPS also covered (B-TECH 1st-2nd)
Q1 What is meaning of continue and break keyword in C?

Q2 Differentiate while and Do While loop? 2-time

Q3 Differentiate recursion and iteration?

Q4 What is the meaning of prototype of function?

Q5 Write the syntax of continue statement?

Q6 Why we use do while loop in c? Also tell any properties which you know?

Q7 Define the concept of top down development and stepwise refinement process?

Q8 Enumerate the rules that apply to a function call?

Q9 What are the rules for passing parameters to function by pointers?

Q10 State the problem we are likely to encounter when we pass global variable as parameter to function?   

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