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2 marks Question of PPS | most important question of Unit 2

 Unit 2
2 marks Question of PPS  | most important question 

Previous year question paper for PPS also covered (B-TECH 1st-2nd)

Q1. What is token in C language?

Q2. What do you mean by formatted output in C language? Explain with example?

Q3. What is difference between .obj and .exe files in C?

Q4. Correlate else if ladder and switch case statement?

Q5. Differentiate between implicit and Explicit type conversion?

Q6. What do you by mixed operands? Explain with example?

Q7. Explain the need of break in switch statement with example?

Q8. Define all Arithmetic operator?

Q9. What do you mean by operator precedence?

Q10. Explain the dot(.) operator in C language with proper example?

Q12. What is meant by modular programming approach?

Q13. What is operator?

Q14. What is structured programming approach?

Q15. What is type conversion?

Q16. Write the use of switch statement?

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