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2 Marks IMPORTANT QUESTION OF Designing and Analysis of Algorithm form UNIT 1

 2 Marks IMPORTANT QUESTION OF Designing and Analysis of Algorithm

Q1: Solve the given recurrence T(n) = 4 T(n/4) + n?                      AKTU 2015-16  

Q2: Justify why Quick Sort is better than merge sort?     AKTU 2015-16       

Q3: What is priority Queue?         AKTU 2015-16  

Q4: What are the Fundamental steps involved in algorithmic problem solving?                            AKTU 2016-17  

Q5: Write recursive function to find nth Fibonacci number?     AKTU 2016-17  

Q6: Write the name of various designing techniques of algorithm?   AKTU 2016-17  

Q7: Compare time complexity with space complexity?   AKTU 2017-18         

Q8: What are the characteristics of the algorithm?      AKTU 2017-18 

Q9: Name the sorting algorithm that is most practically used and also write its time complexity?   AKTU 2017-18 

Q10: Find the time complexity of the recurrence relation 

       T(n)= n + T(n/10) + T(7n/5)     AKTU 2017-18 

Q11: Solve the following recurrence using master method                                                         T(n) = 4T(n/3) + n*n     AKTU 2017-18 

Q12: Write down the name of some stable sorting technique? 

 Q13: Write down the complexity of Bubble Sort, Shell Sort, Quick, Merge and Heap sort?

Q14: What is asymptotic  notation? Why they are important for an algorithm?

Q15: What are the various type of asymptotic notation?

Q16: What is Algorithm?

Q17 What is the worst case for Linear Search?

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