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2 marks Important Question of Data Structure From Unit 5

             Unit 5 Important Question of Data Structure

2 Marks Important Question

Q1: Define tree.

Q2: Define the
depth of a node.

Q3: Describe the
properties of binary tree.

Q4: Define
complete binary tree. Give example.

Q5: For tree construction
which is the suitable and efficient data structure and why ?

Q6: Discuss the
concept of  “successor” and
“predecessor” in binary search tree.

Q7: Explain
height balanced tree. List general cases to maintain the height.

Q8: Draw a
binary tree for the expression: A*B-(C+D)*(P/G)

Q9: What is
maximum height of any AVL tree with seven nodes ?

Q10: When does a
graph become tree ?

Q11: How can we
traverse a binary tree ?

Q12: Write
algorithm or function for inorder traversal of threaded binary tree.

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