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10 most Important Question For Computer Graphics

One Marks Question

Q1- The
smallest addressable screen element is Pixel.
Q2- A pixel
is also known as Picture element or pel.
Q3- The
process of determining the appropriate pixel for representing a picture is
       as Rasterization.
Q4- The
portion of memory used to hold pixel is called Frame buffer.
Q5- The
ratio of number of horizontal points to that of vertical point is known as ___Aspect

Long Answer Question

Q6- What is
difference between computer graphics and Image processing?

 A computer is used to create a picture that
is called computer graphics, And Image Processing is techniques
which used   to modify existing pictures.

Q7- What is
the role of a frame buffer

Frame buffer is a large,
contiguous piece of memory into which the intensity values for all pixels are placed.
It is an array and graphical display devices can access this array. It contains
an internal representation of the image called as a frame buffer.

Q8- Suppose an RGB raster system is to be
designed using an 8 inch*10-inch screen with resolution of 100 pixel per inch
in each direction. If we want to store 6 bits per pixels in the frame buffer
How much storage in byte do, we need for frame buffer? Also find out aspect

Note That  [1 byte = 8bits]

The resolution in pixels = (8*100)*10*100
                                                        = 800*1000 pixels
1 pixel can store 6-bits.
So, the frame buffer size is,
800*1000*6 bits
                                                = (800*1000*6)/8 bytes                                                      
6*105 bytes

Q9- Consider raster system with resolution of
1280*1024. What size of frame buffer (in bytes) is needed for each of these
system to store 12 bit/pixel ? how much storage is required for each system if
24 bits per pixel are to be stored ?

Resolution is 1280 * 1024
according to resolution total number of pixel is 1280*1024
Frame buffer size for the system = No of Pixel * Size per Pixel
 (1280*1024*12)/8 byte
   we divide by 8 in order to convert bits in byte 
1920 KB
For 24-bits of storage per pixel,
3840 KB

Q10- Briefly explain the following

a) Image processing & computer graphics
b) Bitmap & Pix map
c) Advantage of Interactive graphics

Answer of A

Image processing – It is the
techniques which used   to modify
existing pictures.
Computer graphics – A computer is used to create a
picture and do some operation on it like clipping, rotation, translation that
is called computer graphics.

Answer of B
Bitmap- An image of two colors is known as a bitmap. On
a black and white one bit per pixel. The frame buffer used for such system
is called Bitmap.
Pix map
An image of more than two colors is known as a Pix map. A pix map stores
and displays a graphical image as a rectangular array of pixel color values.
There multiple pits per pixel required the frame buffer used for such system is
called Pix map.

Answer of C
of Interactive graphics
1. Interactive Graphics make the thing more appear able and interesting.
2. Due to interactive Graphics we draw 2d and 3d drawing vary easily like
CAD (Computer aided Designing)
3. Interactive Graphics leads to moving picture which results in the creation
of animation.

Due to interactive Graphics medical diagnosis become easier.    

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