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Journey of a BOY from a small child to man


                                                                                                                                                                        drawn by me
It was the time of
summer. There was a man with a beautiful family which includesa small kid and a
wife. Mr Tim was busy in work on that day.Suddenly, his son came to him and
started asking something. As he was busy in work he said “Talk You Later Beta”.
His son went back to
his room with a sad face. On that day Mr Tim realized that he is doing the
same, which happened to him when he was a small child.
TIM was born in HARYANAand
did his schoolingfrom so many different places. As his father was an army
person and has to shift various places. Very kind man due to his profession but
not a good father because he was unable to spend time with Tim. Even on Tim’s birth
he was late by 2 hour.
In his childhood, TIM was
so much scared from the new environment and there was no one to understand what
he was going through. He can get the ease only in his mother’s arm.
TIM’s journey of life
was not so soft and smooth like his soft heart. Till his schooling, he doesn’t
have anyone to help him except his mom. Tim didn’t get the love of his father
and the mother has to play both the roles “FATHER AND MOTHER” for him. She
tried her level best to help him in understanding new things. But she can’t
compensate father’s love. Tim did not get anything from his family except a mom
who has to play all the responsibilities. His father was not there when he took
his first step of life and spell the first word of his life.
Oh!! The time came, when
TIM has to step into the new environment i.e. school. The moment he entered in
the class. He saw so many kids playing with the toys. Out of those children,
one child came to TIM and asked him to join. On that day TIM really enjoyed a lot.
But good time doesn’t
last long and he has to go back home. And it was just like going back to jail
because theburden and responsibilities has turn Tim’s Mother very rude. And she
forgets her actual role and becomes the complete FATHER. She used to scold him
for little matters like “for not keeping the things on their right places”. And
TIM was just a small child of 3-4 years old. But his mother wants him to behave
like 8-9 year old Child. Both were right on their own place. As she has to play
the role of both Father and Mother, she was also expecting some help from Tim.
But TIM was too young to understand that.
TIM’s father goes to
office early in the morning and comes back at night, no Sunday, no holiday.  His father used to bring some toys, clothes
and gifts for TIM but those stuffs can’t compensate father’s love.
One day TIM came home
with his result. He got 99% marks. On that day he was expecting that when he
will reach home, his parents will feel proud of him, start loving him and they
will also go for a trip in this week end. Somewhere or somehow there was a misconception
in TIM’s minds that may be he was not a good boy thats why his father doesn’t
come to meet him and his mother does not love him. As children are Hungry for love
and care. They always keep on thinking and trying to find out the reason behind
the question “Why He Is Not Getting the
Love from His Parents??”
But the reality was
completely opposite to his expectation. His mother just said “Very Good” after
seeing the result and went out because she has to buy some fruits and vegetables
for dinner. Still hope never ends, in the evening his father will come and hug
him after that they will go for an outing in weekend. On that day TIM waited
till 1:00 o clock but his father did not come because as an army person his
father has to go out for some emergency situation. He was very much
disappointed by that. It was his last hope in order to get his parents LOVE
The journey took a new
turn when his mother came to know the entire thing that he was waiting for his
father till 1.O’clock. Now his home has turn into Battlefield. “MAHABHARATA”
between Parents has also started which affected the young mind so much and
forced him to come to the conclusion that he is responsible for this quarrel. But
now there is no hope of getting his parent’s love back.  So he decided to score only passing marks for
the next exam.
But his parent’s
behavior didn’t change. Instead his mother started scolding him for bad result
rather than supportingand taking care of him. She alwaysused to say “You Have Only One Work i.e. Studying and
You Can’t Do That also Blah Blah……
One day TIM’s friend
asked him “you are a good student; you
are able to solve my problem, why don’t you solve these problems in exam
Tim’s Answer was so
surprising for his friend that “he helps
him in subjects because that makes you happy and you get love of yours parents
on due to these marks but there is no benefit of getting good marks for him
The time keep on passing but there was no change in behavior of his parents.
They used to quarrel in the night, in the morning and everything is observed by
Tim. Now Tim started Searching LOVE and Care outside the home. Finally he got
the ease from his best Friend’s parent. His best friend’s parent liked him very
But it has been seen that the duration of Good Days is very short
again there comes a new turn in his life. Tim’s Father got promotion and transfer
to a new place. On that day TIM cried a lot. Now he has to leave his friend and
family both.
The situation was so
painful for TIM. He doesn’t have any option left instead of crying. Again he is
back to his previous condition; where there is no one to support him, help him.
As Life keep on moving, new place, new friends, daily school. That stressful
environment made that boy heartless. He stoppedthinking about his future and studying.
Now both the place have become stressful for him because in class; teacher
always use to say “you don’t Have any
capability, you are good for nothing
” and parents use to say “We have provided you all the facilities,
what do you want to do??
From Tim’s point of
view, he is right at his place because since his birth he got only demotivation
instead of love and care. He did not get the fruitful environment. If we talk
about his parents, his mother is trying to do her best to provide Tim all the
facilities and due to which she get some rigidness in her nature. Tim’s father
is also right,he is not doing anything intentionally, but he has to do for the
survival of his family. That small child was not left with any option. The
performance of TIM keeps on decreasing day by day. And the day came when he
fails in his exam. Teacher is one strong personality who is supposed to be very
supportive. But it is Tim’s Bad luck that he didn’t get such a teacher.
But the truth is“every coin has two faces similarly our life
also have two faces
”. This earth is not that much bad as we feel some time
or every time. Now it’s the turn of Good times in his life. At the age of 16 his
father got transfer in KOTA Rajasthan.There he met a teacher “MrDhillon” and a
girl “Neehu”, who observe that situation of TIM. One day TIM was sitting on the
stairs of his school and on the same stair a girl was sitting. She was
observing TIM.Suddenly she came nearer to TIM, and said “Are you thinking the same like me?”
did notreply because his situation made him so much conservative and timid that
he was hesitant to talk to people and doesn’t like to make friend.
She askedagain “are you
also thinking how to get Love and Care of your parents”. Now TIM looked at her
without saying anything. After few second TIM said “No I have a happy family, I
am not thinking like that”. Then the Girl replied “oh sorry, I thought you are
going through the same phase through which I am going” and she left.
 On that whole day TIM remained surprise that
“he is not the only one, there is someone like him”. And it is human tendency
to have bond amongthe people who is similar to each other. 
Next Day TIM went near
to that girl and said “HI I AM TIM would
you like to become my friend
Than the Girl replied, “yes
why not, I am Neehu”.
Suddenly TIM said,
before that I want to tell you one truth.
And Neehu replied “no need to say, I know that truth”.
On that day TIM spent
his whole day with her.
It was an awesome day
for Tim. Now Neehu and Tim are at the peak of friendship.
She helps him in every
way. Now Tim got the love he was searching for. Time went smoothly. Mean while
he got a teacher who really support him instead of demotivating him. MrDhillon
was a very nice teacher. He gives him suggestions to read, learn and write in
the exam. There was one more teacher MrsMultani, she was a very good English
teacher. She used to pull Tim’s ear on every mistake but instead of punishing
him she corrects him on mistake. Tim starts improving. That is not less than
any reward for his teacher.   
From a small child
whose internal condition was not strong, people around him even his own parent
instead of understanding his situation, keep blaming him for that situation.
Now Tim was one of the
happiest guys. He starts taking participation in the activity happening in the
Suddenly phonestartedringing
Tim came out from thought and pick up his phone. It is Tim’s Papa and Mummy.
Tim’s mummy said “Beta
how are you?”
Tim kept silent.
Tim’s mummy said again
“Tim come back, we are really sorry for whatever we have done to you. We really
loves you beta”
Tim again remains
Now there was a voice, which
he wants to listen since many years i.e. his father’s.
“Tim sorry beta I
really didn’t do that intentionally now please come back”.
Tim said sorry mummy
and papa. It was my mistake that I wasn’t able to understand you both. I
realized that it is your position and situation that compelled you to be like
You have done whatever
you can do for me. Neehu tried to convince me a lot but it was my anger who
stopped me. I still want you, my child wants you.  “I AM COMING BACK”.
On that day he realizes
that there is a need of equilibrium in the situation. We have to manage our
schedule in order to give time to our child and parents.

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